Remty-R is European based mechanical engineering company, expert in high tech HVAC technology, with its roots back in 1985.

We have a vast experience in low-energy and passive building technology using our own approach, ideas & know-how when planning, designing and implementing HVAC systems.

Remty-R’s knowledge is tested in Europe and worldwide in various conditions according to highest ecological and technical standards.

REMTY-R is present on projects of all scales worldwide


Our projects


Multiresidential passive high rise

The total area covers the surface of 23.455 m2 of which approx. 12.870 m2 belongs to net heated residential area. The building foresees 17 floors, with 4 basement floors. The residential area includes 128 passive flats.The Eco Silver House basic principle of sustainable high building are reflected through integrally planned saving project of energy efficiency, also with renewable energy sources: excellent thermal isolation and sound isolation of walls, high quality ventilation system by recuperator, sun protection, extremely rational air-conditioning, intelligent steering and handling of electrical and mechanical appliances,machines and tools, ecological materials, use of rain water, sun electric plant, gren roof etc. The most inovative element of Eco Silver House is the integration of building envelope solution, HVAC system, intelligent holistic control system.

Remty-R designed HVAC system (REGAIN R&C) for ECO Silver House and will conduct monitoring and training of subcontractors. The project is also co-financed by European Commision under the project name EE-HIGHRISE.

Tsagaan mine in Mongolia – clinet ABB:

  • Supply and instalation of cooling equipment for containers
  • Special requirements: working conditions from -35°C to +45°C

Prezračevanje in hlajenje Remty-R

El Teniente mine in Chille – client ABB:

  • Supply and instalation of cooling equipment for containers
  • Special requirements: self cleaning filters

Hlajenje sistemskih prostorov Hiref

Bes Noviy port in Russia – clients BLUE WATER and SIEMENS:

  • HVAC and pressurisation for off shore container
  • Special requirements: working conditions from -50°C, DNV standard, ATEX applied

Hlajenje po DNV standardu za SIEMENS

Boshakol copper project - clay plant in Kazakhstan – client ABB:

  • HVAC, plumbing, pressurisation, sanitary water for pre-fabricated modular controll room
  • Special requirements: ambient temperature -44,5°C

HVAC za rudnik bakra

Burgin Kentucky fast gas analyzer in USA – client ALSTOM

  • Supply and instalation of HVAC equipment for container
  • Special requirements: heating from -20°C to +45°C, ATEX applied


In the past we have successfully designed and installed other chambers, laboratories, reactors and production processes.

Vision and core values


Remty-R’s vision is to be recognised as the best developer and provider of the tailor made climate conditions according to highest ecological standards.

Remty-R is present worldwide through projects of all scales

(USA, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenija, Croatia, BIH, Serbia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia)

Remty-R’s core values are

  • Green
  • Inovative
  • High value added
  • Preofessional engineering competence
  • Meeting up with customers expectations
  • Smart
  • Careing

Remty-R is an HVAC expert


Remty-R can deliver a complete HVAC system for any low-energy and passive private house, luxury villa, apartment building, hotel, hospital, commercial and other buildings.

When planning and implementing low-energy or passive standard HVAC systems Remty-R offers:

  • conceptual solutions and consulting
  • planning
  • designing
  • implementation
  • supply of equipment
  • installation supervision
  • using European installers or
  • training local installers

In order to deliver all the necessary professional skills and equipment to the needs of a project of any size and scale, Remty-R forms a cluster, together with main project partner and other European experts in the field of construction and mechanical engineering such as architects, producers, scientists, institutes, universities, installers and building contractors from EU or locally.

As a cluster we are even stronger and are able to tackle any given situation and any special need of the investor.

When being partner with Remty-R you not only gain an expert know-how in high tech HVAC, you also gain the know-how and a power of a whole cluster. You get EU technology and equipment, envisioned according to highest EU standards. You also get sustainable green technology.